Basic Eligibility Requirements for the Widow of a Veteran

Basic Eligibility Requirements for a VA Pension

Determine whether you may be eligible for a VA Pension up to $1,113 a month!

  • I am the surviving spouse of a veteran (married at the time of the veteran’s death)
  • My late spouse (the veteran) served at least 90 days of active duty (not counting training periods)
  • At least one day of my spouse’s active duty was during one of the following wartime periods. (NOTE: The veteran’s service need not have been in actual combat!)
    • WWII– 12/07/41 through 12/31/46.  If in Service on 12/31/46 with continuous Service before 07/26/47, then acceptable as wartime.  (NOTE:  Merchant Marine: 12/07/41 through 08/15/45.)
    • Korea– 06/27/50 through 01/31/55.
    • Vietnam– There are two periods: For veterans who served in Vietnam, 02/28/61 through 05/07/75.  For all other veterans, 08/05/64 through 05/07/75.
    • Persian Gulf — 08/02/90 through the present.  NOTE:  The War on Terrorism is considered a continuation of the first Persian Gulf  War.
  • I have a medical need for assistance or supervision, and would prefer to remain at home or in an assisted living facility rather than a nursing home, if possible.

If you meet all of these requirements, then CONGRATULATIONS!  You probably can qualify for a VA pension.

Call our office at (877) 299-8392 and say, “I want to claim my Death Pension from the VA.  How do we get started?”